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Fake Bank Statements for Loan

A fake bank statement is a document changed or made from scratch to wrongly show someone’s financial situation. You may need to fake statements to get financial approval, rent property, meet employment requirements, etc.

However, Novelty DMV Experts provide fake bank statements according to your requirements. They are your go-to choice as they offer comfort, cost-effective service, support, and more.

In this article, we will have all the details regarding counterfeit bank statements. So, keep reading! 

What is a Fake Bank Statement?

A fake bank statement is a document that’s either slightly changed or entirely made up to look real. People trick others, such as landlords or banks, into giving them benefits like loans or apartments.


fake bank statement

However, making or using these fake bank statements is illegal and can lead to big trouble, including criminal charges. To avoid these risks, it would be best to remain honest with your financial information. 

Why are Bank Statements Being Faked?

Fake Bank statements show your financial health, displaying transactions and balances. Sometimes, you may need to fake these documents for various reasons, which we’ll explore below. Those reasons are:

  • To Get Financial Approval

    • Some people alter bank statements to look richer than they are. You might see someone increasing their balance on a statement to get approved for loans or credit cards. They do this to meet the tough financial standards that lenders impose.
  • Renting Property

    • Renters also use fake statements to meet landlords’ financial checks. They change the statements to show they make more money regularly. This helps them get a lease on a property they wouldn’t qualify for based on their finances.
  • Employment Requirements

    • For some jobs, especially in finance, employers check your financial stability. Some fake these statements to appear more financially stable and responsible, aiming to increase their job prospects.
  • Avoiding Penalties

  • Others use fake statements to dodge penalties or legal consequences related to their financial status. For instance, they might alter a statement to show this balance if they need to keep a certain bank balance to avoid fees or maintain status.

10 Common Signs of a Fake Bank Statement

To avoid financial fraud, you should know about spotting a fake statement. There are some common signs that you can understand that a bank statement is fake.

Let’s discuss ten signs suggesting a bank statement isn’t genuine. Those are:

Mismatched Reconciliation

You should be cautious if the numbers need to be added up or if you find any mismatched reconciliation.

Every bank statement should clearly show that the final balance matches the starting balance plus deposits minus withdrawals.  However, someone has altered the statement if these numbers don’t match.

Inconsistent Fonts

All parts of a genuine bank statement use the same font and format. If you see different fonts or styles, it’s a red flag. Banks follow strict guidelines for document layouts. So, if you find any inconsistency, it indicates forgery.

Account Number Checks

Always compare the account number on the statement with your bank’s records. A mismatch is a strong sign that the statement might be fake. This simple check can prevent fraud.

Rounded Numbers

Real transactions rarely round to neat amounts like $50 or $100. If you look at the many rounded numbers, you will see that the transactions were made up and not based on real purchases or withdrawals.

Typographic Errors

Banks usually issue error-free statements. You should double-check the statement’s authenticity if you find spelling or grammar mistakes. Any typographic errors suggest it’s been tampered with or hastily made.

Outdated Format

You should check if the statement’s design looks old. Banks update their document styles periodically. An outdated format might mean the statement is fake. Counterfeiters can make the fake statement using an old template that no longer matches the bank’s current design.

Random Transactions

Transactions that seem unusual or do not fit the account holder’s average spending could indicate a fake. A genuine statement reflects accurate transactions with familiar vendors and locations.

Incorrect Branding

You should check your bank’s logo and branding. Any difference in logos, colors, or design elements can suggest the statement has been tampered with. Banks always follow specific branding standards in their official documents.

Missing Pages

You must check your bank’s complete statements. If pages are missing, it could mean someone is hiding certain transactions. You should always ask for a full statement to ensure nothing is concealed.

Old Statement Cycles

You should be skeptical of statements that cover outdated periods. If you find the recent statements unavailable, you should ask why. The fake bank statement generator can use older statements because they’re less likely to be verified.

What Elements Should a Fake Bank Statement Have to Look Real?

If you want to spot a fake bank statement, you must understand an authentic bank statement sign. In this section, we’ll explain the essential features that a legitimate bank statement usually has.

Bank Name

The bank name on the statement must match the bank’s official use. If you see a slight difference, it is a clue that the document is fake.


You should check that the address on the statement is correct and complete. It should include the accurate street, city, and postcode that align with the bank’s locations. A mismatched address suggests the statement might not be legitimate.


You must ensure the currency listed is appropriate for the bank’s country. All amounts should appear in the correct format for that currency, such as dollars in the U.S. Wrong currency formats are signs of a possibly fake statement.

Spelling Information

Every detail on the statement, especially names and transaction details, should be spelled correctly. Misspellings are major red flags, indicating it is a fake statement.

Date Formats

The date format should be consistent with the standard in the bank’s country. For instance, the U.S. uses MM/DD/YYYY. An incorrect date format is a tip-off that it’s a fake statement.

Correct Totals

The bank statement should have the correct totals. The starting balance plus any deposits, minus withdrawals, should equal the final balance shown. If the math doesn’t work out, the bank statement is fake.

3 Months of Fake Bank Statement Free

A three-month fake bank statement is a document that’s been altered to look real for three months. It includes false information about your bank transactions or balance. The provider can make a false statement for any period, including three months.

However, people use the 3 months of fake bank statements to deceive others when applying for loans or apartments, pretending they have more money. 

However, creating or using these fake statements is illegal and can lead to fraud charges. Anyway, in extreme need, you can also use counterfeit statements carefully.

Six months of Fake Bank Statement

A six-month fake bank statement is both illegal and wrong. However, a counterfeit bank statement is a document altered to look real. It shows false financial details. You may need this fake statement to prove you have money when applying for loans or renting homes.

However, the six-month fake statement also should contain all the details of financial transactions for six months.

How To Get a Bank Statement?

If you need a bank statement for legitimate reasons, it’s crucial to follow legal methods to obtain a genuine one directly from your bank. The following ways can help you legally and safely get your three- or six-month bank statement.

Use Online Banking

You can easily access your bank statements through online banking. First, you need to log into your bank’s website with your credentials. Once you’re in, go to the “Statements ” section or “Documents.” 

Here, you can select the statements for the past three or six months and download them directly. This quick method allows you to keep a digital record on your computer.

Visit Your Bank Branch

You should visit your local bank branch if you prefer dealing in person. It’s another essential option. You must bring your ID. The bank must verify your details and identity to protect your privacy. 

However, you can ask the customer service representative for your bank statements from the last three or six months. They will provide you with your required statements.

Mobile Banking App

Mobile banking apps are a great tool for getting statements. First, download your bank’s app and log in. Then, look for the “Statements” or “Documents” section within the app. 

However, you can download your recent statements directly to your mobile device. This convenient method provides access to your financial information wherever you are.

What If You Need A Fake Bank Statement? From Where Should You Get It?

If you need a bank statement, you should access it directly from the banks where you have an account. But sometimes, you may need to provide a false bank statement for many reasons. In that case, you can get the fake statement for your desired bank in the following ways:

Download Editable Bank Statement Template

Some websites provide templates that look just like real bank statements. You can fill these out with whatever numbers you choose. But remember, creating a fake document and using it to deceive someone is fraud. This can lead to legal action against you.

Online Bank Statement Generator

Online tools are available that let you create a bank statement by entering details like the amount of money in the account and the transactions that have occurred. These tools are meant for simulation or educational purposes.

Fake Bank Statement Providers Online

You can find services online from the Novelty DMV Experts. This company provides fake statements that look like they come from actual banks. These services often say their documents can fool banks or landlords.

Can Bank HR Verify Fake Statements?

Yes, the bank’s Human Resources department can verify the fake bank statement. The bank’s Human Resources (HR) team often needs to check financial documents like bank statements, especially for roles that require financial integrity. 

One of the major responsibilities of HR is spotting fake bank statement generators. The bank’s HR department can verify fake statements in the following ways.

Direct Bank Verification

HR can call the bank directly to confirm if a bank statement is real. This approach is the most reliable. The bank can verify if the statement matches its records. They also confirm details through cross-checking, such as account numbers and balances.

Check Document Details

The bank’s HR department closely examines the details on the bank statement. They look for inconsistencies like wrong fonts, bank logos, or strange formatting. The HR department often reveals any alterations during close inspection.

Use Verification Services

Third-party services check the authenticity of financial documents, including bank statements. HR sometimes uses these services to ensure the documents are genuine. These services look for tampering and inconsistencies.

Review Transaction Patterns

HR should also look at the transactions on the statement. They need to check for transactions that don’t fit the usual pattern or are oddly large, which might suggest they are made up. This step helps confirm the document’s authenticity.

Why Should You Choose the Novelty DMV Experts to Get the Fake Bank Statements?

If you need a fake bank account statement generator, you can get it from the Novelty DMV Experts. The Novelty DMV Experts is your go-to choice for the following reasons:


Novelty DMV Experts make the fake statement process easy for their clients. They claim to remove the usual hassles associated with obtaining documents. However, their convenience does not eliminate the severe legal risks of using fake documents.


They claim to protect your personal information with secure, encrypted methods. They provide the utmost security so that you don’t face any hassle. Even so, dealing with fake document providers always includes a significant risk of identity theft and other types of fraud.


The company uses modern technology to produce real documents, which might seem appealing. They also provide the necessary support and facilities to make a counterfeit bank statement.

Customer Service

They provide customer support to help you before and after you receive your documents. Undoubtedly, their good customer service is attractive. Moreover, they provide you with such support for your illegitimate needs.


Novelty DMV Experts has a good reputation for producing high-quality fake bank statements. This fake bank statement generator has several positive reviews for creating engaging and realistic-looking fake statements.

Additional Reasons

The Novelty DMV Experts as a fake bank statement generator also highlights their quick service and a wide range of document types they can fake. They offer customization to meet specific demands.


If you genuinely need a bank statement for something important—like applying for a loan, verifying your financial status, or keeping personal records—always get it directly from your bank. 

Your bank securely provides authentic statements, ensuring your financial data is correct and legally obtained. But if you have a problem getting the original one, you can use the fake statement. But, using a phony statement comes with a punishment risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can fake bank statements be detected?

    • Yes, you can spot fake bank statements by examining them closely. You can usually identify any falsifications by comparing the details on the statement to the bank records and noticing any unusual formatting.
  • Can I edit my bank statement?

    • Yes, you can edit your bank statements using a program called UPDF. UPDF is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It lets you annotate, fill forms, and edit text. Thus, you can make changes to your bank statement.
  • How to get a free bank statement?

    • First, log into your bank’s app using your username and password to get a free bank statement. Look for an option like ‘Download account statement.’ Choose the period for which you need the statement, then download it.
  • Do banks check bank statements?

    • Yes, banks often examine bank statements when you apply for loans to check your income, review your cash flow, or verify assets. You can alter your bank statement PDFs so lenders can confirm these details directly with the bank.
  • Can bank statements be removed?

  • Yes, you can delete your bank statement by revoking the permission you previously granted to access that specific statement. This helps you manage your personal information and maintain your privacy.

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