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Having a driver’s license is probably more important than having a visa-full passport. But to get it, you need more than just a desire and a few documents. In a hurry? Kiss the tedious way goodbye and entrust Novelty DMV Experts to generate a driver’s license for you! 

Our licenses have nothing to do with fake-looking stuff. In fact, we can add your driver’s permit to the government’s databases (DMV)  to make it legit. 

Novelty’s driving licenses for sale are of untraceable quality and can get you to any place you want. Depending on your request, we can provide you with an imitation, so you can save some money. Albeit, you will not be able to use it at government facilities.

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Depending on the country, you get the right to pass the driving test in months. You have to learn local traffic regulations and driving peculiarities. Before that, you are supposed to explore local laws to understand if you’re eligible for this document and can apply for it while dealing with the bureaucratic mechanism.

If driving courses make you perplexed or bored, and you are nervous when thinking about the upcoming test, a fake DL can be a good option. You will not leave your comfort zone and experience psychological pressure to legally grant the right to drive a family car or other vehicle.

With Novelty DMV Experts, you can get your driving license online. We will need the essentials of your data, like your name and photo and specific details you want to mention, to generate this document. No background checks are implemented, so you’ll have your license as soon as we deliver it.

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A driver’s permit is more than just a piece allowing you to drive on public roads. You can use it as an ID in government facilities, banks, and other organizations that must identify you somehow to proceed with your inquiries. 

You can opt for a fake driver’s license as an ID to provide quick access to your address and other important information for emergencies. It can be the only document to prove your identity. In other words, you don’t need to spend months to get an ID as a separate document – you can have both on the same card within a week. 

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Snap up a fake DL just in case

You may not currently need a driver’s license, but it’s wise to have a backup option, just in case. It will cost you much less than an authentic document, not to mention the time you’ll spend having it issued by legal bodies. Also, think of the importance of having the license in an emergency that can be a matter of life and death. 

We don’t encourage you to drive without the appropriate experience, as it can be dangerous for you and people on the road. However, having a driver’s license – even the bogus one – is more cost-effective for legal driving.

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With the advent of internet and technology, almost everything is done online. From the comfort of your home, you can buy anything online including a Real Driver’s License and Fake driver License . Yes, you heard that right! You can find solution to all your document challenges online.

We have been supplying a lot of people from All over the UK and USA more especially those in New York with Real driver License with all information registered in the NYs DMV system which can be checked if the license is valid or not. Gone are the days when you had to wait a long time for getting a driver’s license in a traditional way or not getting one because you failed the driving test.


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  1. Question: There must be ID #’s on the license. On the fake license what do these numbers come back to? If a cop ran the fake numbers, what would come up on his computer?

    1. Novelty Dmv Experts

      If the Cop Ran the Fake Number for the fake license you get from us , he will see that the license is valid just for some period of time according to how the license is programmed in the system. But this is of high risk . That is why we always advice everyone to go in for the registered License with its license numbers reading up valid anytime and at any police checks without any worries since your data will be registered in the DMV or DVLA system Accordingly.especially to be used for driving purposes.

          1. Novelty Dmv Experts

            Get in touch with one of our customer services using the numbers below the website or our contact page. Thanks

      1. What if my driver’s license has been suspended due to DWI. Are you able to get a real license with a new IS number In that same state which is Missouri. Or as your information says would you get me a real driver’s license issued from another state that if law enforcement were to pull me over for speeding as an example and issue me a ticket for a warning when they ran the license from another state it will be valid

          1. Novelty Dmv Experts

            Micheal Lynehan, We have been solving same issues of DWIs for numerous people day by day . so you have nothing to get worried about because our experts will do a smooth work on your license , erasing all your bad records from the DMV database system.

    2. I want to get a fake driver’s license but I don’t want to get stopped and get pulled over if that happens what will happen

  2. How much a class B CDL l done fail the test like 10 already l live in south Carolina l really need y’all help l have my driver license already I’m just trying to get my Class b CDL

    1. Ok what if you have a couple dii’,s on your record and haven’t did there yr plus long programs so dl is revoked how would we deal with that? My name isn’t typical but I personally know 6 other guys with my name ? Do you also provide.papers to validate finishing program ,?

    1. Leondrell Addison


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  4. I am very happy today because i just received my driving license delivered at my door step as it was said by the agent i got in contact with on this website. i was very skeptical when i talked to them but the agent in question reassured me which i believed him . here we go boom my license is done and delivered successfully as promised. Thanks once more novelty dmv experts for this great job. keep it up.

    1. I need a driver’s license but my is suspended in CT and Mass and you get in to the DMV and erase my driving record in those 2 states

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    1. Novelty Dmv Experts

      All our Registered drivers License are DMV approved and it can be used to board domestic flight , an it will read up valid at the Stops when pulled over.

  6. Jason Lane Allen

    Yes I’m very interested in your product I’m from Arkansas and would need to know a price and need to registered with it please

  7. Hello and gd evening I have an expired license in Jersey it expired in 2011 so now it’s also suspended can you make a CA license (real) one in my birth name or would jersey find out when you enter it into DMV or should I opr for a different one

    1. Novelty Dmv Experts

      Yes , we can get you a New Valid DMV registered California drivers License with your real information without any mishap.New Jersey wont find out the system was tempered with because we work with updated DMV recognition software’s for the process .

    1. Novelty Dmv Experts

      Get in touch with one of our customer services using the numbers below the website or our contact page. Thanks

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