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As stated by DSA, more than 59% of own a fake ID. This static represents the game-changing capacity of scannable fake IDs. Undoubtedly, the value of identification is nowadays more crucial than ever. Because of huge market demands, fake ID suppliers are using the most advanced and industry-standard technologies to craft the best copies. But are they convincing? And should you use one?

In this article, I will deep dive into the realm of fake scannable IDs and reveal their secrets. So, let’s keep reading till the end to satisfy your curious mind and get the most asked questions answered. I will also demonstrate step-by-step instructions about the process of purchasing a scannable fake ID.

What Information Does a Scannable Fake ID Have?

A scannable fake ID contains all the characteristics of a real ID, which makes it look legitimate when scanned. A fake ID includes all the required information, such as the user’s first name, last name, date of birth, address, etc.

In addition, a fake ID also includes the physical attributes of the user including height, weight, hair color, and eye color. As the validity period of the ID, it holds the ID number, issue date, and expiration date.

scannable fake ids

These fake IDs use a 2D barcode (PDF417 or something similar) to store the aforementioned data in a digital format. Any scanner can scan this information and get fooled.

Moreover, some best-quality fake IDs may feature magnetic strips. However, these IDs are being replaced with the introduction of more advanced barcode systems.

Some of the most advanced scannable fake IDs can replicate sophisticated features like holograms, UV elements, and microprinting. Using these features, these fake IDs can effortlessly bypass the latest scanners.

The printed information on the card and the data encoded in it must match to avoid detection. Latest scanners can compare and read both printed and encoded data to ensure authority, so keeping consistency is crucial.

These abilities to mimic the actual ID details and major security elements make the scannable fake IDs popular among youth and make them highly sought after for various uses.

What Are the Most Important Features of Scannable Fake IDs?

Just similar to a real ID, a fake scannable ID also has several key features that allow it to pass under security checks. Among all the different features, some of the most prominent ones are feel and appearance, the technologies behind the ID, and its real-like materials.

Consider the subsequent discussion to get a broader understanding of scannable fake IDs most wanted features.

Reali͏stic Appearanc͏e

Some fake IDs are so close to the original one that even the latest security systems fail to detect them. The appearance mimics the original one. This realistic appearance makes it almost impossible to identify the differences even for experts.

Technological Integratio͏n

Fake scannable ID makers use the most advanced tech in the field to craft the most realistic copy of original IDs. Some of the most noticeable technological integration of fake IDs is the use of 2D barcodes, magnetic stripes, or RFID chips.

Accurate Information Encoding

To offer the best possible security for you, fake IDs can replicate the details of the ID’s front and back. In addition, the data stored in the scannable ID is also accurate and mimics the actual authority’s issues.

What Is the Cost of a Scannable Fake ID?

The price of a fake scannable ID depends on several parameters, such as the quality of the ID, and the features it offers.

A scannable fake ID with just the basic features and minimal security can cost you between $10 and $100. Usually, these IDs use lower-quality materials and have no advanced features.

Then comes mid-range fake IDs. These fake IDs can cost between $100 and $150. Mid-range fake IDs feature some advanced characteristics and security elements, which make it harder to detect them.

And finally, there are the best quality scannable fake IDs that can cost you between $150 to $200 or even more. These IDs can effortlessly mimic the real IDs because of their most advanced features and appearances. 

How Can You Get a Scannable Fake ID?

Nowadays, you can effortlessly get access to a scannable fake ID in various ways. For instance, you can reach some online retailers to buy your fake scannable IDs. But you should always remember that buying a fake ID from amateur retailers can lead to serious consequences.

So, always go for the most trusted fake scannable ID sellers. Because only the professionals have the proper technologies and expertise to create actual scannable fake IDs.

Perform the subsequent steps to get the best scannable fake ͏IDs from the most tru͏sted seller.

  • Visit the Website:͏ Go to Nove͏lty DMV Expert͏s.
  • Explore the options: Browse through the different types of IDs available.
  • Se͏lect your Desired ID: Choose the type of ID you want, ensuring it ma͏t͏ches your needs.
  • Fill Out the Order Form: Provide accurate details including full name, address, and date of birth, and upload a high-quality photo.
  • Choose Additiona͏l Feature͏s: Select features like hologram͏s, UV printing, or magnetic strips ͏to͏ enhance authenticity.
  • Payment: Complet͏e the payment using secure methods such as Bitcoin.
  • R͏e͏view and Confirm: Double-che͏ck the information and s͏ubmit your order.
  • Wait for Conf͏irmation: Rec͏eive a confirmation email with order details and tracking information.
  • Delivery: Your ID will be delivered discreetly to the provided address.
  • Use Responsibly: B͏e aware ͏of the leg͏al implications and risks invo͏lv͏ed.

What Are the Legal Consequences and Potential Risks?

Using a fake ID is illegal and carries significant risks that you must consider before using one. Depending on your location, the legal penalties may vary. Remember, possessing a fake ID can cause legal penalties, charges of fraud, or a criminal record.

Navigate through the subsequent discussion to get a clear idea of the legal consequences.

Legal Penalties: Using a fake scannable ID can lead to different legal penalties. For instance, in California, possessing a fake ID can cause felony charges. These penalties can range from $10000 fines to three years in prison.

Criminal Record: Getting caught using a fake ID is considered a criminal record. So, be responsible while using a scannable fake ID and learn about the legal consequences.

License Revoked: In some states, using a fake ID can lead to license revocation. For example, if anyone uses false information to apply for a driving license in Florida, it can permanently disqualify them from operating any motor vehicle in the state.

What Are the Use Cases of Scannable Fake IDs?

Scannable fake IDs can be used for various types of activities, including easy access to age-restricted venues, buying age-restricted products, access to different venues, and most importantly online verification.

fake scannable id

Acc͏ess͏ to Age-Restr͏icted Venues

You can use fake IDs to attend various types of age-restricted events, such as concerts, festivals, or other events that have age limits. This allows the youth to enjoy events that are banned from them.

Travel and Accommodation

Another common use of a scannable fake ID is to book hotel rooms or rent vehicles. If you don’t want to show your original identity, you can use a fake ID to access the necessary services without getting exposed.

Academic and Campus Use

On some campuses, students use fake student IDs to access various types of services reserved for senior students. The services include access to labs, and libraries, or joining different campus activities.

Employment and Job Appli͏cations

Though it’s less common, people also use fake IDs to apply for jobs that have age restrictions. However, if discovered, this can cause instant termination or severe legal consequences.

Online Verification

Lastly, nowadays fake IDs are primarily being used for various online verifications. Using fake IDs people can access age-restricted games, streaming platforms, or dive into the deep web without exposing their real identity.


Undoubtedly, scannable fake IDs have opened a new realm for accessing restricted venues and activities, but they come with the potential risk of legal consequences. With Novelty DMV Experts, you can reduce the risks by ensuring the best quality and features.

We offer the most streamlined and secure ordering process, excellent customer services, and guarantees of hassle-free experiences. So, choose Novelty DMV Experts for your all scannable fake IDs needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Long Does It T͏ake to Receive My S͏c͏annable Fake ID?

    • We offer fast and secure delivery for different types of scannable fake IDs. Depending on your location, ID type, and use cases, the delivery time may vary. However, for regular scannable fake IDs, you can expect to receive your ID within two days after placing the order.
  • Are Scannable Fake IDs Legal?

    • No, scannable fake IDs are not considered legal, and getting caught with a fake ID can lead to various consequences. However, our tailored scannable fake IDs are made to reduce the risks. But always be aware of legal consequences and keep yourself safe from possible dangers.
  • How Can I Ens͏ure My Fake ID Is Not Detect͏ed?

    • To avoid consequences while using a fake ID, you must hold your confidence and know all the key details of the ID. Remember to use these IDs to appropriate venues and parties. To keep yourself secure avoid suspicious behavior and activities.
  • Can I Customize My Scannable Fake ID?

  • Yes, with our extensive fake scannable ID support, you can effortlessly get a customized scannable fake ID. You can add your address, photo, signature, and personal details to match your requirements.

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